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Available for gigs, events, Festivals, Parties, Weddings and all celebrations !


Marnie are a West Country band performing an infusion of acoustic rock folk & blues (originals+covers)


They bring another dimension to their raw, pure, heartfelt music with spine tingling vocals, driving guitars, mandolin, foot stomper and an adept use of 'live' loops.

There is something for everyone in their set of engaging and uplifting Original songs filled with energy and soul,

combined with impressive Covers by Florence & the Machine, Stevie Wonder,  The Kinks, K.T.Tunstall, Massive Attack, Nancy Sinatra, Caro Emerald, Guns n' Roses, Seal, Ray Charles, Donna Summer, The Prodigy and more... 

Whether it’s dancing, listening or taking in the atmosphere of great live music. 

Marnie regularly perform at a variety of events. Their experience and versatility enables them to cater to the audience's needs.

Marnie can perform beautiful, mellow, background music OR they can get the party going with their lively, upbeat, full band sound. 

They take pride in their live performances and use high quality equipment, providing sound levels and lighting that suit the environment in which they play.

Marnie : Vocals, rhythm guitar & percussion, live vocal loops and live harmonies

Jon Maybey : Lead guitar, mandolin, vocals, live loops, effects & foot stomper


“Marnie owned the stage from the onset providing first class entertainment which was original and unique. They blew the audience away with an array of covers and original songs that had everybody’s feet tapping and heads nodding. Highly recommended.” Sidmouth Herald.

"Marnie have the most fabulous sound and presence. We loved having you and we look forward to much more this year!" The Old Ship Aground, Minehead's premier music spot.

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Marnie also performs as a  Solo Artist. One Guitar, One Voice !

Formed in May 2005  'Marnie' has gone from strength to strength building up a name for herself on the local scene and, well, all over really.  From Ireland to Germany, Cornwall to Norfolk and lots in between!

Marnie's voice sounds like a little bit of Alanis, a little bit of The Cranberries, a little bit of K.T. Tunstall and a whole load of Marnie! 

Her voice makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as she displays an impressive vocal range, from a soft and heartfelt delivery to a powerful belting technique.

With a pure sound & a set list full of quality songs & barrels of silliness, a 'Marnie' show is well worth catching. With her very own impressive unique original material, ( some co written with other artists)  you cannot fail to be entertained. Marnie have an obvious passion for performing music. So be a part of '' Marnie's barmy army'' and check out her live set soon.

Session Work   

Marnie is also available as a session musician. She adores harmonies and has a huge vocal range. From raw full on belting such as Weak by Skunk Anansie, (Aflat5) , to singing the top highest notes (TopC6) crystal clear in Phantom of the opera, Wuthering Heights is another.      Marnie's voice also has the most gentle, delicate, melodic touch that seeps right through to the heart.  You can hear some of Marnie's harmonies, clips and vocal range if you click the ''sounds'' or ''video'' link at the top of this page or contact her for a demo.

Check out . Album release April 2014. Marnie recorded the backing vocals on Kyle Coleman's new album 'Beyond the Syntax' The totally talented inspiring autistic musician.

Below are some words from people who have worked with Marnie.

*    '' Very impressed with your vocals, abilities & ease to work with you...I'll put you on call for any session vocals in future...'' John - Plymouth. 2009.
*    '' Droolingly, jaw dropping, angelic BV's from the mighty Marnie. Your voice works so well on these tracks. Nice work.'' Paul. 
2014... '' I'm very pleased with the result...Your vocals sound amazing. Great job...I'm busy writing - songs with your name on. Lead vocals this time. Thanks again''. Paul. 2009.
*    '' It's been great working with you. Your backing vocals & layered harmonies have become a big part of our sound. '' Jabbrock. 2009.  

*    '' Many unprompted flattering comments on your backing vocals Marnie & how they sound so intriguing & beautiful, so excellent work! Certainly creates a distinct sound when altogether. Don't know how many more ahhh's we could shoehorn into an album, but certainly works! I'm delighted with the final sound so big thanks from me for all your hard work.'' John. 2014.

Some of Marnie's Original material has been voted MP3 of the week by The Lemonrock gig guide.Their comments:- ''Lose Control'  Marnie - Modern day Madonna danceable pop meets Anestasia- like angst, with atmospherics reminiscent of Siouxie and the banshees, but erring on the cautious side of a pop production, rather than wild abandon. A voice to keep an eye on, from a promising live duo with a valuable set of original songs.'' 

''Find the words' - An original ballad about relationship difficulties, delivered with a gentleness and directness that reminds you of that sad, lonely place when someone else is moving on and away from you. The simple arrangement - multi-layered acoustic guitar is enough to carry the emotions of the superbly charged vocals. Highly distinctive harmonies- somewhere in Alanis / Cardigans / Sarah Mc Lachlan territory - make this well recorded song shine.

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